TA London - Turkish Art Week

Mission Statement

TA London aims to give Turkish contemporary art a greater presence in the international art scene and to inspire a cross-cultural conversation that will inspire the future evolution of art.

Our story

TA London is the brainchild of London-based artist Renk Erbil, who dreams of international recognition for Turkish contemporary art’s vast contribution to the world stage. This inaugural exhibition is an important step in realising that dream, bringing together some of Turkey’s most acclaimed artists to showcase the breadth of the country’s talent.

Turkish contemporary art has emerged as a formidable player but the international art world seems slow to realise its impact. Turkey is geographically, culturally and historically a gateway between three continents. The Byzantium Empire’s influence was vast and is still felt today. It’s hardly surprising that such historical and cultural genes produce some of the most exciting, diverse and innovative artists.

London is also considered an international bridge and a centre for global art. The city has a huge, established Turkish community and many third generation Turkish Londoners have joined London’s prestigious art collegiate. Yet there have been few events celebrating Turkish arts and culture. As well as introducing influential and inspiring artists, TA London will connect art enthusiasts to the Turkish community who are such a vital part of the capital. Renowned for its diversity, many different cultures have found popularity through representation in London. It’s now time for Turkish art to become the next buzz globally.

TA London will represent 21 internationally acclaimed artists from mainland Turkey, Cyprus and the London diaspora community. From pop art to lyric abstraction, the exhibit includes work from a variety of contemporary art movements, techniques and disciplines. Click here for a full list of the exhibiting artists.

Headlining the exhibit is one of Turkey’s national treasures, world-renowned artist Devrim Erbil. Known as the “Poet of Painting”, he has several major international exhibitions and awards to his name including the Presidential Culture and Arts Grants award. While Devrim Erbil is a trailblazer for contemporary art, his work also pays homage to his Anatolian history.

This exhibition is a mere amuse-bouche of Turkish art so we plan to make TA London an annual event with new collections and a different feature artist each year.

We can learn from each other’s rich artistic traditions. Talking, exhibiting and exploring together is what makes us evolve and how new art movements are born. Therefore, each year TA London will also invite a small group of international artists to share their stories and introduce their work.

With this vision in mind, we aim to take Turkish art on a world tour turning up the volume of Turkish artists everywhere.

We believe TA London will be mutually beneficial, bringing new visions and experiences that will energise the arts for everyone. That’s why the name is an expression of gratitude. So it’s mersi from Turkey and ta from London.

Our host Renko London

TA will be run by art company Renko London, the first online Turkish art gallery in the UK. The company expanded its reach to include international artists and recently launched an arts consultancy and events service. Its mission is to bring a multicultural group of artists together in a harmonious, creative space demonstrating the impact art brings when it sits on the shoulders of a diverse community.